Fit Lifestyle Challenge

Hello #cyclelifestyle 🚲  

I’ve had my new bike, Zoey, now for 10 days and it’s been the best decision I’ve made in several months! I feel a lot more free and proactive. The first couple days were the hardest as my muscles (mainly my quads) adapted to all the cycling. Even still on very long journeys, steep inclines or prolonged slow inclines I will feel the burn majorly. But in general I can feel my muscles starting to adapt and the rate of lactic acid build up is slowing down (the cause for the burning sensation you get in your muscles).

It’s been hard to accept the fact that I am no longer fit. To all my friends to whom I no doubt have mentioned that “I used to be so fit” to a million times- to you I apologize haha. I didn’t want accept that I let myself go and kept fantasising about my past fitness level. But what’s the point in looking back and wishing to be in the past? That’s never going to happen – full stop. I’ve changed my mindset to tackle this hurdle of returning to living an active lifestyle in a healthy way. I am oke with where I am now and understand how and why I ended up here in the first place. The only way ahead is forward from now on and to make each day count I will try to do some sort of exercise each and every day. This week I’ve been hitting the gym again doing weights and HIIT training and it feels great to be back. My muscles certainly didn’t enjoy this week as they were in agony but to you muscles I simply say – deal with it #nopainnogain !

I am also slowly getting back into meal prepping and additionally trying out new foods and recipes (sweet potato hash browns and homemade turkey burgers are the BOMB!) My main focus to getting fit this time is to take it day by day and take it in steps. I also want to not be so hard on myself and treat myself at appropriate times when I need it to avoid binge eating sessions at other times to overcompensate.

All in all, I’m trying my best and that’s all I can ask of myself. Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle so it takes time and consistency 💪🏼 

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